In a world saturated by plastic and paper bags, Urban Outfitters stores carry light fabric bags only. These bags are made of polypropylene, so they are by nature reusable and can be washed. Most branded reusable bags seen on the streets are grocery-related and are laminated (with a shiny texture), but Urban’s bags are not laminated so feel increased texture similar to cloth. Reusable bags in general also show Urban’s commitment to a greener, less wasteful planet. Because the Urban bags are not only reusable but also durable, consumers will use the bags to carry more than just clothes and can incorporate them into their everyday lives. As consumers continue to carry the bags, they become walking billboards for Urban, because the only thing printed on the bags is the brand name on a solid background. The minimalist design makes the brand name on the bags eye-catching while the bag’s colors are neutral enough to allow the bags to be carried anytime. Urban also has different colored shopping bags depending on the season, with some special colors like red and white bags on Christmas or pink bags for a particular couple of spring weeks. Seeing another person on the street with a different colored Urban bag catches the viewer’s eye and due to the bag’s scarcity, could persuade an individual to shop at Urban. The design of the bag and of Urban’s system allows the brand to use its past customers to consistently promote Urban’s brand and convince both past and future customers to shop there and maybe get a shopping bag themselves too. Sources: