WIG: The Scrunchie

by general

For being invented only a few decades ago, scrunchies have undergone a surprising number of cultural transformations. In 1986, they were the brainchild of Rommy Revson, who discovered that the elastic on her pajama pants was less damaging to her hair than traditional forms used to tie it up. It became trendy and then childish, and in the past few years has cycled back into becoming trendy again.   Besides being less damaging to the hair, scrunchies are also much more customizable than traditional hair ties. The elastic-encased-in-fabric model works for practically any fabric, from corduroy to linen to velvet. And when you’re not wearing a scrunchie in your hair, it’s most likely doubling as a bracelet on your wrist — any way you have it, it’s highly visible.   Something about the resurgence of the 80s has brought the scrunchie back into fashion. It’s popped up on social media feeds and ponytails, serving as social proof that only further fuels the trend. I believe this social proof allowed the scrunchie to move past its former reputation as a childish accessory to a fashion statement: “childish” rebranded as “whimsical” and “carefree.”   It’ll be fascinating to see whether the scrunchie falls under the pendulum swing from trendy to out-of-style of or they will propel themselves into the canon of fashion staples. Only time will tell.   Image source: Urban Outfitters Information sources: https://www.nytimes.com/2014/07/17/fashion/the-scrunchie-grows-up.html https://www.decades.com/lists/5-fun-facts-about-the-scrunchie

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