Portable travel-sized hand sanitizers are an essential item in one’s bag, allowing to quickly clean one’s hands whenever needed.  Hand sanitizers are convenient and easily portable, so even if one does not have access to wash hands and does not have a lot of space in their bag, they can still keep their hands sterile by  using sanitizers in small containers. The jelly wrap carriers allow one to attach a hand sanitizer to a bag to ensure a quick way to find it when needed and save space inside the bag. Since the inception of portable hand sanitizers, people are more in control of their hygiene and are comfortable with eating with their hands, not fearing bacteria. They are also a lot more user-friendly than hand towelettes that require more space and are under the risk of drying up if not closed properly after each use. With hand sanitizer, all it takes for one to protect themselves from bacteria is to squeeze a small amount into their palm and close the lid afterwards.