In terms of services, I’m not sure where DoorDash stands among the crowded market of UberEats, GrubHub, and other restaurant-delivery services. But I know I’ve always loved their branding. I set out to write this WIG on DoorDash’s logo, which was inspired by Japanese bullet trains and also resembled the wings on the back of shoes on track and field apparel. While the bullet train connection wasn’t obvious, the logo invoked speed and dynamism that unified its brand message. It was desirable due to its simplicity and its uniqueness — it managed to strike the balance between being minimalist without being generic. But when I began searching for information to write about it, I discovered that they in fact had changed the logo!   At first I was disappointed — I thought the previous logo had the perfect touch of playfulness while still retaining the boldness necessary to look good in print and on screen. However, I realized that as brands grow, they can afford less whimsy in their design. The new logo packs more of a punch — while it’s more generic, the clean lines allow the text of “DoorDash” to come to the forefront. It’s quiet and powerful, conveying DoorDash’s classy presence in a flashy market filled with discount codes and stock images. It’s just like the announcement itself — bold, commanding attention without demanding it.   Image Credit: UnderConsideration