I’ve always dreaded that feeling of my no-show socks slowly slipping down my heel, making me question why I got them in the first place. Bombas no-show socks, on the other hand, don’t suffer from this problem. They’ve been constructed specifically with a subtle silicone strip on the interior of the heel. It’s amazing what a difference that makes — they never fall off.   Many products I like fall under the “tried and true idea: improved” model. Sure, the original works fine, but the new version does it with sans-serif typefaces and a mobile app. Bombas socks, in contrast, aren’t just flashy — they truly solve a problem. Their marketing thus revolves around the design improvements they made to make their socks as comfortable and as functional as possible.   They specifically accounted for problems users noticed with their socks and addressed each one in the design process. For example, it’s uncomfortable having the seam at the top of your toe — you feel like you have to adjust the sock to just the right position to avoid it rubbing against the front of your shoe. Bombas eliminated that problem by eliminating the seam. And of course, the silicone strips prevent the no-show socks from facing that once-inevitable problem of slipping down your heel.   By designing for their users and building specific problems, Bombas has gotten their users covered — and built their fan base as a result. They’ve been featured on Shark Tank as well as Business Insider, and have transcended the “necessary but boring” category into truly “desirable.”   Image Credits: Bombas and Business Insider