WIG: Sugarfina

by general

I love candy, but I rarely get to appreciate candy. A lot of the candy that is available is packaged in such a way that encourages people to quickly devour all of it. The packaging isn’t glamorous, and every individual piece just oozes that artificial and processed feeling. Not to mention that quickly devouring large amounts of candy can have detrimental health side effects. Sugarfina candy tries to disassociate itself with the glutinous side of candy and brings to focus the artisanal quality of it. Going to a Sugarfina store isn’t just about buying candy, it’s about browsing the wide selection and picking out the few that stand out to you as both delicious and beautiful. You’re encouraged to put together your own variety of candies in a nice package. However, Sugarfina also (un)intentionally plays with our psychology to make sure that our experience eating the candy is moderated and special. This psychology comes through with the price of the candy and the packaging. Each Sugarfina candy box is comfortably 2-3 times the cost of the “cheap” equivalent and about half the amount. Some of these candies justify the price by using high quality ingredients like champagne, but others are more questionable. Either way, the high price and the low quantity encourages you to appreciate every piece that much more while also limiting you from devouring a huge amount of sugar. 

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