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LUSH is a cosmetics company known for their use of organic ingredients and colorful handmade beauty products with catchy names. Lush has truly shaken up the global beauty industry by keeping to its brand core values in all of its aspects, ranging from the manufacturing of products, packaging design, to the shopping experience. The positive image of LUSH incentivizes buyers to purchase their products, as LUSH encourages a happy working environment, which it shows through numerous YouTube videos, and uses ingredients from companies that commit to performing no animal testing. Thus, besides enjoying the product, the buyer feels like they are positively impacting their community and environment. As well as that, the shopping experience at LUSH is a unique process, where a buyer is faced with products open for interaction displayed in a street market manner. Following the brand values, the packaging of LUSH products is minimal and is often limited to a simple paper wrap, thus emphasizing the product’s ‘naked’ and natural feel.

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