WIG: Tiny Sunglasses

by general

Named one of the hottest bands of 2018, tiny sunglasses have been seen worn on the world’s most recognizable faces (Rihanna, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, to name a few). The trend is mysterious, considering that the original appeal of sunglasses is their ability to take up a majority of one’s face, thus hiding any asymmetric features and rendering the face more aesthetically and geometrically beautiful. Tiny sunglasses, however, cover up so little of the face that it is difficult to name them a truly flattering accessory. This, perhaps, is its appeal: models sport the sunglasses yet still look good, broadcasting the magnitude of their beauty and that even the most unflattering accents cannot render them any less beautiful. The issue with the “model effect”, though, is that hundreds of thousands of people are now interested in partaking in this trend, and retailers worldwide are picking up on the heat and offering these accessories in their stores (i.e. Forever 21, notable for cheaper items and a younger audience). So, tiny sunglasses have infiltrated past the world of oh-so-beautiful models and are now being sported by nearly everyone. The origin of the trend is particularly interesting, with the logic being that once trends skew so far into one direction, they begin to float towards the other. This refers to the uber-popularity of huge, all-consuming shades sported by notable faces like Kim Kardashian. Once people became sick of the look, the only reasonable way to counter-act this trend was to go so far off into the opposite direction: tiny sunglasses. So, the design of tiny sunglasses is very interesting because not only is it supposed to be an accessory not favorable by consumers (so it goes against all predictions of being flattering/adding beauty), but also it demonstrates the back-and-forth sway of fashion trends, thus providing a looking glass into how trends might skew in the future.

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