I use a simple fold-up standing desk from StandSteady. Its height is adjustable, so that when I’m sitting I use the minimum height to have my laptop at eye level, and when I’m standing I raise it to the maximum height. It is super useful when I’m sitting, because having my laptop at eye level encourages good posture and eases neck pain. The fact that it’s foldable makes it possible to travel with it, which is definitely convenient. It was also very reasonably priced when I bought it. However, some aspects of the product reduce its desirability. While sitting, I have to use a separate keyboard and mouse in order to type comfortably. While standing, I have to bend my neck, which offsets the benefit of standing because it involves bad posture and neck pain after around 15 minutes of use. So while it is has been overall a very useful and convenient item, I wish it had a longer maximum height, maybe even with a mid-level platform for a keyboard, to make it possible to use while standing with good posture.