Headspace is one of the leading meditation apps in the market, and something I use almost everyday. It is very well designed in several ways. Its content is high-quality, and varied enough to cater to a broad audience – single meditations, 30-day courses, brief on-the-go meditations, etc. Apart from the introduction to meditation course, they have courses targeted towards various issues that lead people to meditation in the first place, including sleep issues, anxiety, grief, and more. The narrative of the meditation instructor is very natural and conversational, which evokes the sense that he is guiding us through the exercises with gentleness and compassion. The app’s visual aesthetic involves soothing colors and cute animations of meditators that look more like clouds and cartoonish figures than humans. The only complaint I have is that with some of their newer updates, it feels like there is too much content and navigating it is not streamlined enough – cluttering the app goes seems to work against its mission and previously soothing aesthetic. Apart from this, though, using the app is a wonderful experience.