I chose to make headphones for Challenge 4 because I wanted to learn about the creation process from start to finish: designing, printing, soldering, and then finally assembling the parts. I initially thought that I could quickly make a few modifications to the SolidWork file and then spend the rest of class time working on the latter stages of building the headphones. However, I soon found that even the edits that appeared to be extremely simple were no easy task. For example, adjusting the size of one of the shells seemed fairly straightforward, but doing so created conflicts with the other parts of the design that were precisely proportionate to the shell’s size. Eventually, I was somewhat able to translate my vision for the headphones into a new SolidWorks design, but it took me much longer than expected, and I did not get a chance to finish the electronics component of the challenge. All in all, the process gave me a new understanding of how difficult it is to learn and use professional-grade design software.