My focus while working on the headphones project has been to explore as many functions and abilities of a laser cutter. I worked with one for the first time for this class, and I discovered a lot of its potential uses for various projects. For my headphones, I decided to use a 1/16th gray acrylic sheet that has white engraving when manipulated with a laser cutter. I knew that I would have to bend the material to fit my headphone band, so I had to make sure my sheet was thin enough to be flexible under arm pressure. Since I was not using wood, I did not have to use a special bending tool and instead just glued the piece to my band while keeping it in a bended position. I have enjoyed working on the design for the band and coming up with ways to make it personalized and look like something I would see myself actually using. For the ear parts, I used the 3D printed parts and attached them to the band.