For this challenge, we had to learn a new skill. Given that I have no experience working with Solidworks, following the step-to-step guide on 3D-printing a pen seemed like a good place to start. I wasn’t expecting to become a Solidworks master over the course of these few days, but rather I was hoping to become familiar with the program and its capabilities. Following the instructions was pretty straightforward and easy – most of the struggle came from just figuring out where all the functions were on the program and when the instructions were a little less detailed concerning making curved objects. The grip was an area of frustration since it required two curves. However, just making something that was similar to the instruction was victory enough for me, especially the steps surrounding the clip of the pen as the dimensions were not specified. With regards to relaunchers and learning new skills, time and more chances to explore the system will definitely help master the skill. I felt heavily reliant on the instructions and when anything was not specifically stated, I felt lost to some degree, most likely because I was not comfortable with the system. There was a part in the instructions where we had to make a line a midpoint of another, but the instructions differed from the program, so I adapted and manually adjusted the halves the line to be equal. At that point I felt slightly more comfortable with the program. Obviously, spending more time to practice is costly in terms of time (and by extension money).