For challenge four, I did the Arduino workshop. I had already worked with Solidworks and laser-cutting in the past, so I wanted to do something I was unfamiliar with. Although I have used a raspberry pi in the past, I had not worked with circuits, so I thought the Arduino workshop would still be challenging. I was excited when Maddie introduced the different components we would be using for the workshop. Going directly from breadboards to Bluetooth seemed daunting at first, but with great documentation from Arduino and a detailed walkthrough from Maddie, it was surprisingly accessible. I found it interesting that the Arduino boards we used weren’t already installed as options in the Arduino software. This wasn’t a huge hurdle, but I can see how this could confuse people if they did not have direction. In addition, even though I have experience with programming, I did not find the code provided for the workshop very easy to follow. For someone with no programming experience, I would expect this to be very confusing. At times it seemed less instructive and more copy-paste focused, which is likely a side effect of the code problem mentioned before. Overall, I found the workshop and learning process fulfilling. While I wouldn’t say I am completely comfortable with Arduino and circuits now, it gave me the confidence to try new things.