WIG LikeAGlove

by general

Shopping for jeans is a notoriously uncomfortable experience; no matter what your body type, finding the right fit is extremely difficult. Personally this task has become so onerous that I refuse to try jeans on in store, and simply order from two brands that I know fit me well. “LikeAGlove” is a product that strives to fill this gap in the pant purchasing experience. Instead of having to try on pair after pair and play a guessing game, “LikeAGlove” is smart fashion. Their leggings and shorts hug your shape and have built in sensors which can read your exact measurements. Not only does it tell you what your numbers are, but it also suggests actual products from these. These leggings sync to an app which have an extensive jeans catalog representing all the major jeans brands and suggesting sizes and models based upon your individual shape. Beyond making your fashion choices easier, it also makes tracking your fitness more convenient. Because you are given exact waist and hip measurements, you can accurately see your improvement in slimming and toning, numbers that are not captured on the scale alone. These are the pants of the future because their value extends past their being another clothing addition to my closet.

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