For Challenge 4, I experimented with new software, SolidWorks, to create templates for a printable 3D-pen. I thought this process was very interesting, learning how to create every precise dimension and shape needed for the pen’s accurate shape. Additionally, I learned the importance of getting every single dimension down to the third decimal point correct, else the pen would not print and function accurately. It’s very interesting how a software can create a three-dimensional object, and how the graphics which you create on a screen can be formed into matter. SolidWorks taught me the importance of paying attention to detail when using software, as well as the nowadays more bridged gap between the second and third dimension. I definitely struggled with sone of the functions of SolidWorks, particularly making sure I was clicking on the right face/correct button in order to ensure I was not misdoing a step. I like how SolidWorks made it easy and functional to switch the view of the pen, because oftentimes I was confused as to what I was looking, and how to orient myself to make sure I was working on the right face. Overall, I really appreciated learning this new software and look forward to learning other possibilities for 3D-printing in the future.