I already did a post on Stratia Skin, but I felt the need to further discuss the design of a specific product: C+C Serum. So first, the formula. Vitamin C is meant to help reduce hyperpigmentation, even out skin tone and texture, and promote collagen production. However, using other vitamin C serums, it is a pain to maintain – many serums are suspended in water with a dropper bottle, that increases exposure to air and light and the potential to oxidize and reduce potency. To extend shelf life, refrigeration is recommended. However, this C+C Serum is hassle-free; it is suspended it in a lightweight silicone formula away from water, heat, and light — that means it’s stable on your shelf for a full year. Additionally, an airless pump instead of a dropper adds to its lengthened shelf life. As for the bottle itself, aside from the airless pump, the minimalistic and geometric labelling further drives home the point that this product is backed by science.