Curology is simplifying skincare. Here’s how it works: after filling in a survey and sending in a few photos, you’re paired with a dermatologist who designs a formula tailored to your skin. A few weeks later, your bottle arrives in the mail — ready for use and easily modifiable to meet your changing needs. It’s far more convenient than browsing through drugstore aisles or booking an appointment to see the dermatologist. And as demonstrated by Curology’s users, it’s also effective. That said, it takes a lot for users to entrust their skincare routines to a distant company. To highlight Curology’s credibility, we focused our pitch deck on testimonials, aggregate data, and praise from influential magazines (Harper’s Bazaar and Allure). In the execution of the vision itself, we emphasized the simplicity of Curology’s process. It takes far fewer “brain cycles” to go through Curology than to suffer through traditional trial-and-error methods of skincare. We chose to pitch Curology because we loved its focus on efficiency and efficacy. After you listen to our presentation, we hope you’ll agree.