We did our pitch on Buoy Health. Buoy Health is a startup with the simple goal of improving the process of self-diagnosing illnesses. The platform leverages a combination of complex decision trees and machine learning in order to provide a robust and reliable chatbot. With the chatbot, the user has the ability to not only input their symptoms, but also the granular personal details that may help further narrow down possible illnesses. Thanks to this more sophisticated approach, Buoy Health is able to help people accurately diagnose their illnesses 92% of the time. In our presentation, we were very focused on building our persuasiveness and credibility. Our approach for building our persuasion was to not only provide compelling statistics, but to also incorporate other design theory like reducing the brain cycles and time needed to engage with our slides. We made sure that the slides with text contained only essential words and that our graphics were easily and quickly interpretable. Finally, to become more credible, we focused on the quality of our presentation. We maintained a cohesive aesthetic which helps us appear more skilled and qualified to give this pitch.