Warby Parker does one thing excellently—getting to the point. Glasses, like any long term and expensive purchase, can be intimidating and stressful purchases to get just right. For me there’s always that looming fear that if I held out or kept waiting I’d encounter something better, so anytime I do finally bite the bullet it’s never a feeling of relief, but of defeat. I’ve never felt that way when shopping at Warby Parker. Warby Parker makes sure that you’re in control of your purchase. For starters, Warby Parker keeps it simple with a consistent glasses price. Not only does that help reduce any potential feeling of regret, but I have assurance that price won’t be a factor in determining my look. The process of buying Warby Parker glasses is also enhanced by the equally simple and lightweight website. Warby’s focus is on the glasses, just like yours is, so they make an effort to make sure nothing else is in the way. There’s really only four pages: sunglasses and eyeglasses for men and women. Each page puts the glasses front and center, and in fact the price is no where to be seen. When you do decide on a pair of glasses, Warby makes a bold statement by making the “try” button as prominent as the buy button. This focus on customer satisfaction throughout the entire process helps instill loyalty and trust.