I’ve always been interested in shoes and all the technology and innovation that goes into it. And in terms of sustainable innovation in shoes, the Nike Air Sole is one of the most iconic technologies ever used.   Frank Rudy, an aeronautical engineer, pitched this idea to Phil Knight (Nike founder) in 1977. The air sole is made of pressurized nitrogen and a flexible bag.   Nike is also re-engineering wasted material from previous manufacturing into the making of new air soles.  This is a part of Nikes new commitment to create a clean and environmental friendly manufacturing process. Which is also why they use Nitrogen in their soles.   Apart from the manufacturing process Nikes focus is of course performance and styling. The Air Max line from Nike comes with an exposed Air Sole which presents the shoe with the idea of “walking on air” in a great way. Performance wise the idea of the air sole is maximum comfort and better cushioning.