To me, white socks represent both the ultimate simplicity and complexity in the world of fashion. From athletic use to school uniforms, white socks have the traditional connotation of being both blasé and a “forced” choice. Yet, when we move into the world of sartorialism and sneaker culture, white socks represent a choice that not only accentuates one’s outfit but also can be regarded as an intentional “faux pas.” In the image above, we see a man wearing white socks with loafers – what some would consider a “school boy” mistake at best or heresy at worst. Yet, looking at the image, the stark contrast of the white socks against a dark pair of pants represents a nonchalant eye catcher in an otherwise muted outfit. White socks, here, as a simple element become something a lot more due to the nature of their contrasts – in some ways the part becomes bigger than the whole outfit.