I love my cat. I also love traveling with my cat. But my cat does not love traveling with me. At least, until I got this bubble backpack for her. My cat finds the backpack highly desirable, and so do I. The bag is well designed for both person and cat. It’s just a normal backpack, so it’s very simple and easy to wear. It’s taller than a normal pet carrier, so it’s comfortable for my cat as well; she can lay down or stand up in it. The best feature is the clear bubble window. She can look out of it to see what’s going on, while feeling safe in her familiar bag. We’ve taken lots of road trips now with this bag- including going through rest stops together (we get lots of comments from other people, who find the idea of my cat in her bag very desirable). The bag is a fun color, and the rounded design makes it appear friendly and accessible. This bag combines three of my favorite things in design: aesthetics, practicality, and cats.