As an avid museum-goer, I wanted to base my dataset on one of the most popular museum accounts on Instagram, Whitney Museum of American Art, with more than 920k followers. Whitney museum exhibits world’s foremost collections of modern and contemporary American art, and regularly posts two types of photos: photos of the artworks and photos of the artworks featuring visitors. I wanted to observe what elicited most likes and comments on this page, and my initial hypothesis that photos that feature just the artwork will receive fewer likes and comments in comparison to photos that feature photos as well as the visitors – their style, fashion and interaction will make the posts all the more vibrant and likable. Contrary to my initial assumption, the results demonstrate that posts with just the artwork actually have more likes and comments. Out of the photos that feature visitors with the artworks, posts with female and couple visitors received highest number of likes and comments, whereas group and male visitors overall received fewer likes and comments.