If a picture paints a thousand words then the cover of Reese LaFlare’s eponymous album, Reese La Flare, paints a lifetime. Reese LaFlare, born Maurice Williams, in Atlanta, Georgia has a story that spans from being a sponsored skateboarder and fashion guru, to contemporary hip-hop artist. In his album, from tracks such as Escalator to the Atlanta rich features, the story telling narrative is not only intentional but it is evocative. The focal point for me of the album, as mentioned before, is the cover. Featuring a scrapbook like style, the album provides an intriguing, almost intimate look into the life of a man who you may not know but are about to meet through his music. The scrapbook design on the front not only conveys an aesthetic choice but also a message that Reese himself has had an abundance of life experiences – he has quite literally has been a lot of places and done many things with his life. Among noticeable parts of the cover include things ranging from his very relatable high school yearbook photo, conveying an appreciable sense of the ordinary, to the more extraordinary, whether it be photos of him performing in front of sold out shows, taking on mysterious lovers, or being a streetwear icon in the designer clothing world. For Reese Laflare, this is what he has to offer – his story. Most importantly, it comes off as not only genuine but one of a lifetime, presented in album form for our lives too.