Or well a knockoff S’well Bottle – but the design in the same: a sleek, vacuum-insulated bottle that will keep your beverage at whatever temperature it was when it was poured into the bottle. As a big fan of staying hydrated and drinking warm to hot water in the winter and cold in the winter, this bottle has travelled with me everywhere, on campus and abroad (as evident by the multitude of scrapes and dents). While its design may suit a day-to-day use, looking modern and sleek on my desk or easily slipping into my backpack or purse, there are setbacks to its sleekness: its volume is comparatively small, particularly after a hard workout, and its smooth design actually causes it to slip out of my hand or my backpack’s side pocket quite easily (as evident by the multitude of scrapes and dents). Despite these small issues, my fake S’well bottle performs its function well: keeping me hydrated.