I collected a lot of data from Venmo by manually scraping my feed to try to look at relationships and interesting factors in how people use the platform. The monetary amount of a transaction isn’t public, but the posting details as well as the caption that the user chooses to write is available to view. I looked at a variety of metrics including but not limited to: number of words, time posted, capitalization, number of emojis, privacy setting (Public, Friends, Private), etc. In full disclosure, I didn’t actually find too many interesting or stark patterns in how my friends use Venmo, which is good news for people afraid of hackers or other people who could try to manipulate generally publicly available Venmo data. The one interesting thing I found was that slang is more likely to be used in Venmo messages late at night (visualized above). This makes sense given that people are more likely to be making more fun payments at night or have less of a filter. Given that the messages portion of Venmo is kind of like a social media, there is an element of performance in what people choose to project, consciously or unconsciously.