Social media is a never ending battle for our attention. With scrolling speeds that make any routine image almost imperceptible, it’d be crazy to believe that anyone would be able to internalize an instagram post long enough for them to realize the post contains multiple images. Yet, my hypothesis is that instagram posts that contain multiple images are in fact more successful in terms of likes because they require and provide that extra engagement. Kendall Jenner has a huge following of people that idolize her and may very well dream to live her life. By providing multiple images in some of her posts, Jenner is giving her following more context into the moment surrounding that picture. They now have the opportunity to engage further with her content by viewing the moment through different angles and perspectives. It could very well be that more pictures just means more chances that the user likes one of them, but it could also be that well developed context/detail allows the user to fulfill any fantasies they may have. To help answer this question of if an instagram post with multiple pictures gets more likes than a regular, single picture post, I used Kendall Jenner’s most recent posts and recorded the number of likes, comments, and whether the post contained multiple pictures or not. The data shows that there is indeed greater engagement from observers of the post in not only the average likes, but the average comments as well. It’s important to note that a few of the single picture posts were her sponsored ads, and a subset of those ads didn’t have comments enabled. Either way, there does seem to be greater engagement with posts that offer more into that person’s life, and I would bet that Jenner’s consistent use of this format indicates she may have noticed its effectiveness as well. I also explored potential “sweet spots” for how many pictures a post should have, and it seemed that posts with only two pictures were Jenner’s most successful. This final point may imply the effectiveness of teasing to influence post engagement.