Short and Sweet

by baltringer

For this challenge, I was interested in finding out which of my tweets performed the best. I had a hunch that shorter, more positive tweets got more favorites and retweets. To create my dataset, I connected to Twitter’s API with a python script. I got time/day of tweet, favorite count, retweet count, and tweet text itself. I then ran the tweets’ text through TextBlob to analyze sentiment. Each tweet was marked as either “negative,” “neutral,” or “positive.” I then loaded the dataset into Tableau and began trying to visualize it. You can see from the resulting graph that my hunch was correct — short, positive tweets (10-20 characters) get significantly more favorites than longer ones. I thought it was interesting to see that, despite this, most of my tweets are 140+ characters. Even though most of the longer tweets are positive, they do not get many favorites. I think this is primarily because people do not stop to read the longer tweets as often as they do the shorter ones.

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