Bjarke Ingels, one of the world’s most famous architects happens to be one of the most followed on Instagram: 550k followers as of early February 2019. Hypothesis: Since Bjarke became a father, his posts about his child are getting much more attention (likes and comments) than his architectural projects or random life posts. Method: I collected 50 posts data from his Instagram feed starting by the second post after the birth of his child. The picture of his newborn received over 70k likes and 2000 comments, which far exceeds his average likes of 7800 likes and was therefore excluded from the data set. As we can see from the visualization, the ratios of comments and likes are identical for pictures with his child, unlike the other posts. We also notice they are far superior than his firm’s architectural projects images. The latter receives more comments than his “random” life posts but they follow the same like trend. We can conclude by affirming the hypothesis stated before that pictures of his child get more attention on in Instagram feed than his other posts.