My Data: Hypothesis: When I post a picture of me and Kaden on Instagram, the picture will receive fewer likes than a picture without Kaden. Definitions: receive fewer likes – fewer of my followers liked the post Kaden – my boyfriend of over one year, lives in MT Bigfork – posts with people from my home town, Bigfork Camp – posts with people from various camps that I have gone to Senior – senior pictures Selfie – photos of just me Harvard – posts with people from Harvard or taken at Harvard Travel – posts from states other than MT and MA or from countries other than USA Political – posts about voting, campaigning, or other Democratic values Results: Posts with Kaden in them receive 283 likes on average, which is far fewer than the amount of likes I receive on all of the other types of photos that I post. Posts about Harvard receive 401 likes on average, senior photos receive 346 likes on average, travel photos receive 345 likes on average, photos from camps I have been to receive 334 likes on average, selfies receive 334 likes on average, posts with people back home receive 329 likes on average, and political posts receive 291 likes on average.