Yunnan Bridge Noodles earns lots of people’s favour for its fresh taste, variety of side dishes and rich in nutrition. Besides the enjoy of the tongue, the way it is served is also unique, all side dishes includes pork, chicken, all kinds of vegetables, and rice noodles come with a bowl of hot soup with layer of oil to keep the heat. By putting all the ingredients into the soup, we can get ourselves a bowl of delicious rice noodles. And it is the dish in a warm story from Chinese history. During the Qing Dynasty, there was a small island outside the city of Mengnan. An examinee came to study on this island. His wife is very talented and industrious that she often made him his favourite rice noodles and sent him for dinner. But when she got there, the noodles got cold. Once when she sent him chicken soup she suddenly found out that the layer of oil covering the soup can keep the soup hot and to put all the ingredients into the soup just before eating can also get better taste. This way of cooking rice noodles spreads very fast, and because every she sends her husband the noodles she has to cross a bridge, thus this dish gets its name as Bridge Noodles.