Kaju Katli

by baltringer

Kaju Katli is an Indian dessert that translates to “Cashew Slice”. It is made from cashew nut paste & sugar syrup, and has a top layer of edible silver foil. It usually has a height of ~4mm, and is served in the shape of a diamond. When being sold in stores, the multiple diamond shapes are organized in aesthetic patterns such as a flower (as illustrated in the photo). This dessert is very popular and is eaten more frequently during the festival of Diwali (aka the festival of lights). The dessert itself is very soft with a smooth texture, has a rich delicious cashew smell, is often eaten by hand. It gives me pleasure and happiness while eating it with the people I love and enjoy spending time with. My familiarity with this dessert has also been one of the main reasons it has become my go to dessert whenever there is a happy occasion or it is available!

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