Sujebi, also known as a hand pulled dough soup, is a Korean dish that originates from the Goryeo dynasty (ranging from 935-1392). The dish consists of a simple broth with boiled dough flakes, a wheat flour dough that is torn into small pieces by hand. While today the dish takes a place of a common dinner item in Korean cuisine, this soup was once a special dish that was served at large celebrations, as flour was a scarce and highly valued ingredient. Despite its bland color and rough appearance, the meal evokes a strong sentimental value that reminds me of my mother’s cooking and of my Korean heritage. I have yet to see this dish in a proper restaurant setting, so this meal especially reminds me of my home and family. Due to the nature of its cooking method, where pieces of dough are individually ripped by hand and tossed into the broth, the meal definitely signifies the time, work and energy my mother has put into raising me.