I was initially going to write a post about the trend of Korean pop (k-pop) music in general, however, BTS is probably the most well known group at the moment, and it’s interesting to analyze how they because so popular in just a few years. When they debuted in 2013, they had very few fans. However, just a few days ago, a teaser video for their next album was released, and within the first 8 hours, it gained almost 8 million views. Probably the most major part of this development is due to their music. BTS is unique in that the lyrics to their songs are aimed towards youths. Often, kpop music has to do with love and attraction. BTS brings puns into their music to mock corrupt systems of power, as well as encourage youths to follow their dreams and fight for what’s right. There is also the fact that they are one of the best dance groups in kpop history, being able to perform complex choreography while singing live. BTS also keeps in close contact with their fans through social media and meetups, providing a way to keep their fanbase tight. BTS has an incredible amount of soft power, and they have so much influence that even those who don’t know much about kpop have definitely heard of this group.