For my parallel tasting experience, I decided to choose french fries from three different places to understand their differences and what, for me, made the experience better. 1. McDonald’s has one of the most famous and characteristic french fries in the world, so it was an easy choice to make. Even though I know people who love their fries more than of any other place, I am not a huge fan. I believe they are too thin and too salty, which interferes a lot with the experience. 2. Also known for its famous french fries, I tasted some of Shake Shack’s crinkle-cut fries. Those are some of the best fries I have ever tasted. I believe the texture makes a huge difference in the taste of the fries: their shape makes them crunchier and more fun to eat them. Also, they had less salt, which I thought made it just right. 3. The fries I had at Oliveira’s Steak House were also regular shaped, but not so thin and I thought they were better than McDonald’s. Their texture was very different, with more fry probably, and I thought it contributed to the taste. Even though the amount of salt and fry contributes greatly to the taste of the french fries, I believe what most contributes to the experience to me is the shape. The shape is relevant to the texture it gives the fries and can also make the experience a lot more fun. While this time I did not have a chance to try smiley-face fries, I believe they, together with Shake Shack’s crinkle-cut fries, are my favorite. I believe there is only thing better than eating french fries, and that is eating fun-shaped french fries!