Challenge 9 Re-design

by baltringer

For my redesign, I wanted to look at an aspect of Challenge 7 that our team Happy Shopping got some feedback on–making the experience more cohesive between caretaker and child. Keeping the small hut idea the same, I completely reworked the “map” concept of taking the child through the store to visit each hut. In this re-design, the parent is able to write in at the start of the shopping experience what they would like their child to pick out–this makes it a more personal and fun experience for each time they go shopping (so they wouldn’t be using the same map/picking out the same items every time they come to the store). It is also entirely different because the mockup went from a super rough sketch to a medium fidelity graphic mockup. The hope is that this new map would add to the caretaker and child shopping experience! Heres the link to the previous design!

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