For this challenge, I have decided to revisit my submission of Challenge 5 ( I loved the approach we had to visual awe, by offering different lenses that could serve as filters, but when performing market research the most frequent feedback I received was that shifting the lenses would be too complicated and for this reason they would just end up using the regular sunglasses. So I believe these should actually be sold as smart glasses with filters that can be shifted with simply one touch to its temples, reason for which they would be called One Touch. This way, a different and more awe-inspiring experience can be just one touch away and it can be used everywhere, not just as sunglasses, and by everyone, since the lenses can be adjusted to how many diopters each person needs (starting at 0). While several companies have come up with similar ideas, several depend on the use of cameras, which involves problem with privacy, or have other functions besides filter changing, which make the product a lot more expensive and can end up distracting the customer from what they should be doing. Also, the idea is that this brand becomes a fashion icon as it is aesthetically pleasing to the consumer (we would start with Wayfarer glasses, but would be interested in creating new formats according to the demand we receive), which none other smart glasses on the market are.