I have revised my challenge 4, focusing on improving the graphical representation. I really liked my idea for challenge 4, which was to create a mask that enables users to see the world from animals’ perspectives. It is intended to create a fun and eye-opening experience for the users, as well as sending them a message that there is no single, uniform “reality”. In my previous graphic design, I have written down a narrative to explain how the mask works. However, it made it hard for the viewers to get a sense of what the mask does at first sight. After conducting research on exisitng product ads and posters, I decided to go along with the “show, don’t tell” concept, and re-created a design that has minimal words -just a title and a catchy phrase- and 4 images that show what the mask does. I have placed four different kinds of animals in each of four corners, and filled them with the same background in different color hues and saturations to represent the animals’ views. I paid extra attention on the color scheme, as that was one of the comments I received from my previous submission. I also narrowed down the target users to pet owners, for they are likely to be the first group of people wanting to try on this mask. So I changed the phrase from “see the world in many ways” to “see the world in your pet’s eyes”, which was intended to get more users’ empathy. Link to previous challenge: http://desirabilitylab.com/2018/03/05/awenimal/