Choosing a water bottle to accompany you in your day to day can be a hard task. There are so many options and each one seems to be a better fit to a different occasion. When at a college class, the ideal is to be discreet and to have a straw. After exercise, though, one where you can just incline the bottle and drink all you can seems best. This is why I have decided to buy Nalgene’s Multidrink Water Bottle. Its design makes it a fit for all occasions, as it has the option of both drinking from a straw and also from a hole where you can incline the bottle to get water. Also, you can choose whether you want to block the straw or not, making it non-spill. To top it off, this bottle is also BPA free, which I believe is the most important characteristic a bottle can have, and its slim design makes it perfect to fit every backpack out there.