The Quip Toothbrush has been all over social media in the last few months. Toothbrushes feel like a logical choice in the “design disruption” trend of the last few years- it seems there’s always a new company making everyday devices more elegant and more affordable. What I like best about the Quip toothbrush is its size and weight. In comparison, almost every electric toothbrush I’ve seen in the last few years is far heavier and far bulkier. Quip’s size and minimal weight make a it a great option for travelling and carrying along throughout the day. I’d say the product’s high portability encourages more frequent use and even changes the way many see their toothbrushes. While it would be impractical to carry around a Phillips Sonicare everywhere, a lipstick-sized brush is far more feasible. I also think the fact that it’s thin and elegant- looking more like a pen than a toothbrush, makes people want to use it and identify with its sleekness. Finally, the fact that new toothbrush heads are automatically mailed over couple months is quite convenient for owners of the product. With other brushes, I’ve noticed myself forgetting the date at which I need to replace my bristles, and now that the onus is not on me to remember that, they always get replaced on time, and I also save a trip to CVS.