We have heard numerous times the importance of following up. Follow-up emails or thank you letters are the simplest way to show our appreciation, yet we often do not follow through this simple step. One of the reasons is that we just forget. After meeting up with a friend, we quickly go back to our busy life, as if the meeting has never happened. Even when we manage not to forget, the act of actual writing hinders us from sending the simple follow-up message. In order to help people overcome these hindering factors, we have created Follow-Up, an app that not only reminds people to follow-up, but also generate an automatic message that is appropriate to each situation. How Follow-Up works is as follows: first, the app synchs to the user’s calendar app. Then, it picks up calendar entries that potentially indicate meetings by recognizing meeting-related words such as “coffee”, “meeting”,”phone call”, etc. Follow-Up then generates a follow-up message 15 minutes after the meeting ends with several options to send this message via text, email, or social media messenger. If a user decides not to send the message then, Follow-Up shows one more reminder at the end of the day. What is incredible about our app is that it creates a situation-appropriate message by recognizing the type of the meeting, whether it is a formal business meeting or a causal catch-up with a friend, and the person whom we met with by collecting his/her information in our exising phone database. Follow-Up is also able to create a message in the user’s writing style by reading through the user’s previous text messages. Here is an example to help readers understand how Follow-Up works. I have a calender entry that reads “Coffee with Aly” at 10AM. It is an informational interview with a company I am interested in working for. Follow-Up recognizes that this is an informational interview by going through my previous emails with Aly, a manager at the company. Then, 15 minutes after the meeting, it generates a follow-up message like this: “Hi Aly, it was great to hear about your experience at Company X. I think the company will offer exactly what I am looking for in terms of career development and working environment. I look forward to speaking with you soon again!” This message pops up on the user’s lock screen with an edit option, which allows the user to edit the message, and several sending options including text, email, and social media messengers. This allows the user to eaily send the follow-up message, but also in the case he decides not to send it then, Follow-Up shows this reminder once more before the day is over around 9pm-10pm. Our AI technology generates personalized messages as never done before. Follow-Up messages show a 99.5% accuracy in generating situation-appropriate contents, and it is predicted to increase the probability of a person sending a follow-up message by 75%. With our app, following up will become a second nature to our users.