A layer so thin you couldn’t overheat; a layer so thick you wouldn’t freeze. Uniqlo’s Women’s Long Sleeve Mesh Hoodies provides an impeccable layer that is perfect year round. Featuring a Dry and Cool technology that makes it breathable, this hoodie has made it my perfect gym/running hoodie. Moreover, the practicality of this hoodie shows the thoughtfulness in its design. The lightweightness allows it to be easily folded and stored. This solves to common dilemma of carrying a jacket. It’s too bulky to carry, but what if I get cold? Moreover, its protection from UV rays is an additional detail that the average retailer would ignore. However, this added feature demonstrates another reason as to how practical this hoodie is. Additionally, this very practical hoodie is also very flattering on the body. Adding a sleek and simple look to an outfit, the jacket is a must-have for everyone. From your average runner to a regular commuter, this hoodie is built for all. Designing for all is always a difficult task. But Uniqlo has done it again with this hoodie.