Riding the Ninebot was the most fun and childlike experience I’ve had probably in the past year. Learning to ride the Ninebot took basically no time at all and essentially only required stepping on. Because of the handle bar, the Ninebot felt significantly more safe than the traditional hoverboards where you steer and turn completely with your feet. The handle bar can also be folded down to the knee level, and steering can be done only using your knees. The board self-balances and adjusts to you, so maneuvering felt natural. The Ninebot also handled every bump (including some sizable gaps in the cobblestone) extremely well, riding over them smoothly without interrupting my sense of balance. My only criticism of the design is how speed caps are implemented. Instead of just preventing the board from going beyond a certain speed, once the top speed is reached the whole Ninebot leans backwards throwing off your balance and forcing you to slow down. The speed cap is the only jarring part of an overall positive and honestly awe-inspiring experience.