Although humans have been writing things down since 3000 BC, the first pen with an ink reservoir was invented in 1809 by Bartholomew Folsch in England. The Pilot G2 pen is quite popular in the US and very high quality. It’s available in a wide variety of thicknesses and colors, with sizes ranging from 0.38mm up to 1.0mm. The Pilot G2 pen is a gel-based ink, different from paste-ink used in ballpoint pens and liquid-ink used in rollerball pens. Compared to ballpoint pens, gel pens create bolder lines, smudge a bit more, and may use more ink. Compared to fountain pens, gel pens are less prone to bleed through paper and create more controlled lines. In short, the Pilot G2 pen is the happy medium between ballpoint pens and fountain pens that are great of daily usage.