The Juul has revolutionized the emerging vaporizer/ electronic cigarette industry by offering smokers a sleek, convenient, yet affordable alternative to smoking. In stark contrast to the bulky electronic cigarettes that have made vaping not so much of a subtle activity, the Juul vaporizer comes in a tiny form – resembling the size of a cigarette – that fits easily in any pocket and can be hidden in the palm of one’s hand. While it has a sturdy metallic exterior with a very modern and minimalist design, the device is extremely light, allowing the user to hold it between his or her fingers or lips while taking a drag, just like a real cigarette. One of the most attractive attributes of Juul is the optionality that it provides to smokers with its flavored liquid cartridges called Juul pods, which contain 0.7ml of juice and 50mg of nicotine. With flavors ranging from cool mint to mango to crème brulee, the Juul pods allow the smoker to have a greater say in defining and enriching his or her own smoking experience (as opposed to a traditional cigarette which only offers menthols as an alternative). Moreover, the Juul vapor does not emit any odor, making the act of smoking subtler and less bothersome to others. Given these desirable qualities, it is not surprising that the Juul vaporizer has very quickly grown to become the most dominant player in the e-cigarette market today.