Personally, the elliptical is a stage for me to immerse myself in a total body dance workout. A staple in every fitness facility, this machine trains your aerobic capacity effortlessly and effectively, while promising to make you sweat in the process. Created in 1995 by Precor, a company that specializes in designing fitness equipment, the elliptical became an instant success because of its ergonomic technology and its widespread audience. For people of every age and fitness level, this machine allowed for a minimal-impact cardiovascular workout that catered to everybody. Initially, the first elliptical had fixed upper handles used for balance while the lower part of your body was being exercised – but soon after this model improved with an upper-body component to achieve the full body effect. Today, these machines include LCD panels, heart rate monitors, storage areas, USB ports, and so much more. Spending an hour on the elliptical is simple: it has all the support you need to feel engaged, energized, and empowered.