I tried the wide array of water bottles. The twist open, the flip open, the straws, the rubber sippy cups, the metal ones, soft plastic, smooth plastic, and more. I would consider myself the water bottle expert. In my quest to find the perfect water bottle, I ran across the Swig Savvy, a flip to open, easy to clean, water bottle, WITH a strap! The design of the water bottle is genius. The designers took into account the individual and our needs when creating the product. From the silky strap that doesn’t tug on your wrist to the slight curves of the bottle, nearly everything was created with thoughtfulness. The only thing that would make this water bottle even better is a tracker, so I wouldn’t loose it! To this day, I’ve bought three of these Swig Savvy, not regretting a dime. I’ve seen the bottles everyone carries, not one is comparable to the Swig Savvy