I got this for my grandmother a few weeks back, as any other grandchild too lazy to go out, simply getting things online. She wanted to get a new cane and asked if I could get her a new one. I went on Amazon and a few days later we were all really impressed with this extremely well design product. First of all: canes are usually very inconvenient to take around, they’re heavy long peaces of metal. This design consists of three metal tubes connected to each other through this elastic cord, that can unfold for storage and snap back for usage. There are four legs at the bottom, so that it can stand up by itself and not drop to the ground when its let go – a big problem for the elderly. Finally, there’s a LED flashlight on top (which my grandma, I guarantee, absolutely loved) for night use, and the whole thing is made of lightweight aluminum. I never thought a simple thing as cane could be made so desirable!