With digital all around us, it’s refreshing to use a camera that prints a tangible photo. There is something about being able to hold the photo in your hand that presently cannot be replicated by digital versions. The Fujifilm Instax Mini is portable and produces instantaneous, high quality photos. It also comes in a variety of fun colors. That the photos get printed in front of you opens a whole new range of design possibilities around how to display them. Fuji has succeeded in addressing common photo-related pain points using new technology while delivering on a very specific use case that is more similar in some ways to how we used to take photographs. Design-wise, this camera harkens back to the models of old. For instance, the user must look through a viewfinder rather than at a digital screen. At the same time, in a nod to current technology, there are helpful features built into the camera including a flashing LED-indicator and a high-key mode for close-up photos.